Being stuck in the 70's with alot of my music choices, but I have discovered some new bands I like. Here are some to check out:

  • The Gaslight Anthem - Hailing from his home state of New Jersey are a kind of a punky Bruce Springsteen type band that I dig. I recommend the album The '59 Sound because it is more 70s rock sounding, but Sink or Swim is another great one but a bit more punky. Here is a track from The '59 Sound.
  • The Glorious Sons - They might be my favourite band on the list. Maybe I'm just biased because they are Canadian, but The Glorious Sons are are a straight ahead hard rock outfit. The lead singer - Brett Emmons - commands an audience with his voice, and you will be banging your head throughout the entire debut album. Here is the opening track. Make sure to turn it up.
  • The Sheepdogs - These guys are a Saskatchewan based Southern Rock band that has influences ranging from The Guess Who to Creedence. They have 70s style long hair and beards - I've also seen them live a few times and they put on a killer show. I recommend the album Learn and Burn as a starter, but I have to share this live video of them jamming because it just shows how tight they are as a band.
  • Kings of Leon - Now you probably know Nashville based Kings of Leon, because you remember Use Somebody, or Sex On Fire being on the radio a few years ago when they became mainstream popular. But if you haven't already checked out their back catalog, you should. Their first couple albums had a raw, garagey sound. A good mix of Neil Young with Crazy Horse, except with Ronnie Van Zant on the vocals. Here is the first track from their first album.
  • Monster Truck - Last but not least, this Hamilton, Ontario heavy metal band sounds a bit like Sabbath, but with more gravelly David Grohl-y vocals. Here is a track from their debut album Furiosity, which I recommend.

Ok so I got a little bit carried away with this question, but I had a fun time thinking of bands! I hope you like at least one of them haha.


Quite frankly I never understood why it was included on the album. Especially since the actual song 'House of the Holy' was not included on the album. I agree that it was a nod to funk, and it's about as good a tribute to funk that a band of English white guys can pull off.

Bonzo started just playing a beat from James Brown, and Jimmy joined in. It just developed from there.

But that's not to say it is a failure.

As someone fascinated by music, this song thrills me on many levels. Bonham's off-time drum shuffle is infectious, I love listening to JPJ's bass and keyboard work, and I love how Robert's vocals (on first listen) sound like they're cut from a completely different song, but then you hear the the vocal mesh together with the music, and it is wonderful to hear.

I could listen to that song anytime.

I like the live versions of the song a bit better, because they can jam a bit while playing it.

But like all of the early 1970's 'Classic Rock' bands, Zep was influenced heavily by the 1960's Motown and Funk bands, like James Brown. So this song is an homage to James Brown.

But the song does not play so well with Zep's original demographic group - people who were teens in the 1970's.

Please note, this is when Jonesy started being more prominent with his keyboard. Yes, it was getting more traction in IV, but Jimmy let him start to shine in Houses Of the Holy.

I enjoy the groove of it, but I just don't think it fits the rest of the album, which is actually my favorite zeppelin album.


I have heard people bad mouthing Gates, they say he is over the hill and that his time is limited But try and remember he's also on the back end of his thirties so it's not unreasonable to say he isn't going to preform like he did 5-10 years ago.

I think the reduced role he's taken on this season has probably lowered his sharpness on the field but that is normal.

That said I think he's garnered enough respect to where regardless if he drops a ball here and there we should allow him to play until he can't anymore. He's basically the GOAT #1b so let him do what he wants. When he's gone all we'll be able to do is reminisce. Let's enjoy having him while he's still playing.

I'd honestly bet that he was more than happy to take a reduced role. He seems happy to mentor and that is a strength that any good team needs to stay healthy. The Chargers will always be a better team when they have seasoned players like Antonio in a mentoring role, he has been there. He is like a general if he doesn't get spooked he will keep the younger players from getting spooked. It is just the nautral way of things.


The Strokes are often said to have an 80's rock sound but this is incorrect. The Strokes lean more toward a 70's sound than 80's sound. Television is the closest band you'll get to the Strokes.


Some people are over the hill at 20, some are over the hill the day before their last day.

I've met 20 year old out of shape curmudgeons who are closed to new experiences, and I've met open minded, adventurous, health 67 year olds who could probably kick your butt.

Age ain't nothing but a number.

In my mind I'll never be over the hill because I look better and live better now than I ever did in my "youth" so I'm just going to enjoy that feeling and try to keep it alive.

I hope to never feel "too old" to do anything I want to do.

Tonight in my last night volunteering at my local theater's production of The Rocky Horror Show. The cast ranges in age from 19-60 something. Some of the 19 year olds are already tired and grumpy. The 30-60 year olds are letting it all hang out and having a great time! The ladies older than me really inspire me to just have fun, stay healthy, and be positive.

Doing those things at any age makes for a better life :)


Not all are new bands, but I avoided 60's/70's/80's stuff:

  1. Alabama Shakes
  2. Arctic Monkeys
  3. Big Wreck
  4. BlackBerry Smoke
  5. Black Crowes
  6. Black Keys
  7. The Dead Weather
  8. Eric Tessmer
  9. The Flaming Lips
  10. Gary Clark Jr.
  11. J Roddy Walston & the Business
  12. JJ Grey and Mofro
  13. My Morning Jacket
  14. Phish
  15. Puscifer
  16. Queens of the Stone Age
  17. Rival Sons
  18. Royal Blood
  19. Ryan Adams
  20. Shakey Graves
  21. Spoon
  22. Tedeschi Trucks Band
  23. Them Crooked Vultures
  24. Ty Segall
  25. Wilco

I love BlackBerry Smoke. Some friends turned me onto them a few years ago. Its like they stepped into the 2000's straight from the 70s southern rock scene. A modern throwback to classic rock if ever there was one.


Wish You Were Here album has some of my favorite lyrics in it, this the top. Roger Waters had felt that after the success of Dark Side, Pink Floyd had exchanged their former walk-on part in the war for a lead role in a cage. Roger Waters and David Gilmour both said that their lyrics were made for everyone to find their own meaning in them.

Thats the reason that I love Pink Floyd.

Then there is "swimming in a fish bowl," which is pretty much the worst quote in any Floyd song ever. I cringe every time I hear it.

It is quite bad. It sounds like something from a shitty nursery rhyme. Not deep, not gritty, not interesting. Lazy and childish.

The rest is fine.

Actually, it's interesting. This has been bugging me for about 10 years, and my posting here made me finally do some research.

Waters wrote the song.

I was pretty shocked, since it's so full of nostalgic fluff, and Waters is so dark. I wonder if he looks back and regrets the line.

Either way, I still do not like the line and find it very uncharacteristic. I have difficulty understanding how true Floyd fans, can like it so much.


Some might not be very obscure but you’ll get my gest. You can get away with a greatest hits album but deep cuts still rock!

  • Asia – first album is great.
  • Billy Squire – owned the early 80’s rock.
  • Black Oak Arkansas – Southern Fried Rock.
  • Chase – What a Horn section “Get it On!!!”.
  • The Cult – Just hard rock.
  • David Lee Roth – had a few great rock songs when he was out on his own.
  • Deep Purple – “Burn” baby.
  • Dixie Dregs – southern rock with no singing.
  • Drivin’ n Cryin’ – Entering in the Georgia Music HOF this year.
  • ELP – prog rock at it’s best. Grand Funk – “Walk like a man” and other deep cuts – just wow.
  • The Guess Who – Best thing to come out of Canada before Rush.
  • Head East – “Raise a little hell” hits album is a good start.
  • Humble Pie – THIS IS A MUST for any classic rock collection.
  • Kansas – the earlier albums are some of their best.
  • Kenny Wayne Shepard – bluesy southern music.
  • Kinks – I enjoyed their late 70’s work along with the 60’s stuff.
  • Little Feat – more southern rock.
  • Loverboy – a little popish rock of the MTV early 80’s.
  • MC5 – Garage rock at it’s best.
  • Molly Hatchet – More southern rock.
  • Montrose – Sammy Hagar’s 1st band - HARD ASS ROCK.
  • Mother’s Finest – Soul Rock.
  • Mountain – More than “Mississippi Queen”.
  • The Alarm – once were as hot as U2.
  • The Amboy Dukes – Ted Nugent’s first band.
  • The Animals – unsung British invasion band.
  • The Cars – had to have had 20 hits in the 70’s and 80’s.
  • The Nails - 80’s Atl Rock.
  • Nazareth – punch you in the chest rock.
  • New York Dolls – Glam rock.
  • Night Ranger – Popish 80’s rock.
  • Pat Travers – very under appreciated 70’s rock.
  • Paul Revere and the Raiders – had a good run in the 60’s.
  • Public Image LTD. – post Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten.
  • Rare Earth – late 60’s and early 70’s easy side rock. Sammy Hagar – on his own love “Red”.
  • Santana – late 60’s early 70’s rock – “Soul Sacrifice” kills.
  • The Smithereens – Sung about breakups the whole 80’s.
  • Spinal Tap – OK, it was a “movie”, but it does rock.
  • Stray Cats – brought back rockabilly by themselves in the 80’s.
  • Styx – early the better.
  • Ted Nugent – Rock the 70’s.
  • Ten Years After – Help start classic rock in the 60’s.
  • Traffic – another starter of classic rock.
  • Triumph – Another great Canada export that doesn’t get their due in the states.
  • UFO – album rock at its best.
  • Uriah Heep – ditto.
  • Van Halen – I know should not be on this list but you should own the first five albums.
  • The Who – same here, but you should own Quadrophenia.
  • The Yardbirds - First Super group (FYI – Led Zep was going to be The New Yardbirds).
  • Yes – Close to the Edge is almost a perfect album.
  • ZZ top – Blues rock at its best in the 70’s – own the 6 pack.
  • 38 special – later refined southern rock.