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It's almost mythological. They did their thing in the 70's, stopped doing it, and now all we have is what they were. We got a reunion concert in 2007, but that's about it.

They don't create new content, so all we can do is appreciate the old, and that's bittersweet. I'm glad they don't mess it up with "here's our new album", and it be really bad and ruin the legend.

  • They're just great at what they do. Every single one of them individually, which makes them fantastic together.
  • I like the blues, and they're heavily blues influenced. Their first album more so than any other, but definitely later stuff too. "Since I've Been Loving You" has to be one of my favorites, if not my favorite. So heartfelt.

Here's a band who never gives any interviews and writes songs about mythology/debauchery, so they might as well be living in Olympus or Asgard for all we know.

I really like the "light and shade" aspect of their music, how they can go back and forth between loud, heavy and menacing and slow quiet and beautiful.

Led Zeppelin are heavy and light, fast and slow and immature but mature at the same time. They have music for almost everyone to enjoy.

They are all extremely talented musicians.

This is a fact that is not lost on the younger crowd either. My niece had her sweet 16 a couple of months ago and I was just floored when they started to play LZ, I just never knew that she liked it or had anything to do with the music.

After that we had a long talk. Yup, she is a fan!

Secondly, each of them are pretty much gods in their own way: A blonde-maned, attractive god of singing and love, a dark-haired god of guitar (and love as well), a well-built god of drums, and an understated god of pretty much every other instrument.

To have this much talent in one place almost seems illogical/mythological.

I like the fact that they are a four-man band that's a power trio a lead singer, which is also why I love Black Sabbath as well. That's kind of a badass band layout. I also love their diversity, and also what you said about them stopping in their prime.

Usually bands have one stand out musician and everyone else is adequate but with Led Zeppelin they are all amazing.

I also like the variety of musical styles they tackle.

From the short and energetic hard-rocking "Communication Breakdown", to the lengthy and mythical jam "Achilles Last Stand" with classics such as "Whole Lotta Love" and "Black Dog" in the middle; Led Zeppelin are undeniably one of the best hard rock bands of all time, and that's not starting on some other songs such as "Immigrant Song" or "The Ocean". Their massive influence cannot be denied either, how many of the biggest metal bands have cited Zeppelin as an influence?

Even more progressive groups such as Rush started on Zeppelin inspired music.

They could've just been a one trick pony and stuck with heavy blues rock but they experiment with sound throughout their career and have such a diverse sound that I may get tired of a song or even an album but I can never be tired of their whole catalog because it is so rich and diverse.