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Being stuck in the 70's with alot of my music choices, but I have discovered some new bands I like. Here are some to check out:

  • The Gaslight Anthem - Hailing from his home state of New Jersey are a kind of a punky Bruce Springsteen type band that I dig. I recommend the album The '59 Sound because it is more 70s rock sounding, but Sink or Swim is another great one but a bit more punky. Here is a track from The '59 Sound.
  • The Glorious Sons - They might be my favourite band on the list. Maybe I'm just biased because they are Canadian, but The Glorious Sons are are a straight ahead hard rock outfit. The lead singer - Brett Emmons - commands an audience with his voice, and you will be banging your head throughout the entire debut album. Here is the opening track. Make sure to turn it up.
  • The Sheepdogs - These guys are a Saskatchewan based Southern Rock band that has influences ranging from The Guess Who to Creedence. They have 70s style long hair and beards - I've also seen them live a few times and they put on a killer show. I recommend the album Learn and Burn as a starter, but I have to share this live video of them jamming because it just shows how tight they are as a band.
  • Kings of Leon - Now you probably know Nashville based Kings of Leon, because you remember Use Somebody, or Sex On Fire being on the radio a few years ago when they became mainstream popular. But if you haven't already checked out their back catalog, you should. Their first couple albums had a raw, garagey sound. A good mix of Neil Young with Crazy Horse, except with Ronnie Van Zant on the vocals. Here is the first track from their first album.
  • Monster Truck - Last but not least, this Hamilton, Ontario heavy metal band sounds a bit like Sabbath, but with more gravelly David Grohl-y vocals. Here is a track from their debut album Furiosity, which I recommend.

Ok so I got a little bit carried away with this question, but I had a fun time thinking of bands! I hope you like at least one of them haha.