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If you're going to listen to UFO make sure you listen to the live album, I think it's called Strangers in the Night.

Great quality live album, one of the best ever.

A while back, I went to a club concert at the Whisky in Hollywood. Saw Schenker's "Temple of Rock" band. They played lots of UFO, MSG, and some Scorpions too (The drummer and bassist in ToR were in the Scorpions way back in their prime and Michael Schenker played on the Scorpions album Lovedrive along his brother and rhythm guitarist Rudolf.) including Rock Bottom. It was a ton of fun and Michael can still shred that V.

I'm reading Fear of Music right now, and listening to each album Mulholland recommends and it's amazing. There hype surrounding classic rock has really overshadowed the next era(s) of music even though everything sounded just as good.

I'm sure some of what I said may sound condescending if you know it already, but I've gotten used to talking about them to people who have never heard of them. Apologies if I came off that way!