Opeth founder Mikael Åkerfeldt loves '70s rock.

Surprised the article didn't mention Jethro Tull. That's the influence I'm noticing most with these last few albums. Especially Sorceress, in particular that Will o the wisp song. Yes, the flutes are obvious. But man does Michael sound like Ian Anderson in that song. And the acoustic guitars.

I gotta say, I'm really digging it. Most of the time when bands change their sound, I'll give it a chance and really try to like it. But it usually doesn't work out. I think Opeth played it smart, weather on purpose or not. They stayed prog, keeping a lot of their prog fans. But went to the classic rock sound which also keeps a lot of us metal fans. In that a lot of us started out with classic rock and still listen to this day. I mean come on, what metal head doesn't break out some Zeppelin every now and then.

It's just a theory. I have no idea how many fans they lost for the last 3 albums. But I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this. When I listen to an Opeth song and hear Michael channeling Ian Anderson, it brings me back to when I was 16 exploring my Dads old vinyl collection. Man I used to love that stuff, Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Skynyrd, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Dire Straits, The Beatles. These last Opeth albums have made me remember that I still love all that stuff.

Im sure they've alienated a decent number of people with their new stuff too. And I'm sorry you guys feel that way but at least you've got a huge number of their older albums to listen to. Which I still love as well.

And anyone saying they're "ripping off" someone's sound is being ridiculous. If someone can give me an example of how they're literally stealing songs please show me an example. There is nothing wrong with having a similar musical style as someone else.

He mentioned Sorceress being much about the dark side of love, and even mentioned growing his porn stache so his girlfriend could shave it when he returned from the US tour at the show I attended.

Was kind of surprised he shared that. He seems like the type of guy who really values his privacy. I saw him on the street before the show and made it a point to just say hello and wish him a good show in passing.